Watch: Schweizer Explains How Hillary Used Influence as Secretary of State to Help Clinton Foundation Donors

Monday on Fox Business Network’s “After the Bell,” Breitbart editor at large and author of “Clinton Cash” Peter Schweizer fielded questions from host David Asman about claims in his book, some of which have been used by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump aimed at his general opponent presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Schweizer laid out the Clinton’s dealings with corporations, both foreign and domestic and how the Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared to have benefit in with dealings while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

Transcript as follows:

ASMAN: Joining me Peter Schweizer, author of the book “Clinton Cash.” I guess any publicity is good publicity unless they get the name right of the book, Peter.

But let’s get to the heart of the issue. It involves something actually Hillary Clinton was involved with when she was secretary of state, she kind of codified rules against bribery, the OECD, one of these international rules committee, put together that codification against bribery. And I’m going to quote from that. And again, she kind of laid the groundwork for this. She said, or they said, “Individuals and companies can be prosecuted when third parties are involved in bribe transactions including a family member, business partner, or, a favorite charity of the official.” And of course we all know about the Clinton Foundation. Did Hillary Clinton, according to you now, and work you’ve done, did she ever use her influence as secretary of state to favor a family member or a favorite charity?

SCHWEIZER: Oh, I think there is no question that there were entities that donated to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton ended up taking positions that were beneficial to those people.

ASMAN: What is the most — give us a specific here. What is the most troubling example of that that you found?

SCHWEIZER: Yeah. David, I would say of course the pattern itself is troubling. That there are just too many cases not to be coincidences. I think the most startling is the Russian uranium deal where Bill and Hillary Clinton helped a small group of Canadian investors obtain these lucrative uranium concessions. They acquired uranium concessions in United States. These Canadian investors wanted to sell their company to the Russian government which required Hillary Clinton’s State Department to sign off on that deal. And the Clinton Foundation got $145 million from nine shareholders involved with that company. That I think demands investigation.

ASMAN: You know, other news organizations have used your book, kind of as a guide, as a map, if you will to look into investigations on their own. One found that the Clinton Foundation had actually had a Swedish sort of version of the Clinton foundation even the IRS didn’t know about. At one point the Swedish lottery contributed about $20 million to that branch of the Clinton Foundation at the same time that the secretary of state was investigating some Swedish companies that were dealing illegally with Iran. Is that another example that bothers you?

SCHWEIZER: That’s a great example. you can add to that, by the way, that the Swedish telecom company that was the heart of that investigation, Ericsson, paid Bill Clinton at the time the investigation was going on, $750,000 for a single speech. Mind you David, they have never sponsored a speech by Bill Clinton before. They weren’t interested. Now they did. And seven days after he got paid, Hillary Clinton’s State Department issued a statement said we’re going to ask the company to police themselves. We’ll not take further action.

ASMAN: You as you well know are in the crosshairs now of mainstream media says a lot of details in the book are either wrong or discredited. And Donald Trump has been using your book, announcing that he is using your book to go after Hillary. One of his charges he announced last week, and I’m going to quote from it. He said as secretary of state Hillary Clinton laundered money to Bill Clinton through Laureate Education, a for-profit education group while Bill Clinton was honorary chairman of the group. Clinton’s State Department provided $55.2 million in grants to Laureate Education from 2010 to 2012. Laureate thanked Bill for providing unbelievable access to the secretary of state paying him off $16.5 million. Now, the Washington Post looked into all the charges, gave it four Pinocchios, meaning they couldn’t find any truth to it. There were a lot of facts wrong about what Donald Trump said. Who is right in this, Donald Trump or The Washington Post?

SCHWEIZER: Well, I could tell you what we reported and that is that the State Department sent $55 million, not necessarily to the Laureate Education but to a non-profit that was run by the chairman of Laureate, a guy named Doug Becker. And that non-profit that got the State Department money was running programs through his for-profit and that Bill Clinton at this time was being paid $16.5 million. So there is no question about the flow of money, who was getting money, when they were getting money. You know it is kind of funny because The Washington Post in their fact check says at one point they even went to the Clinton Foundation and they went to Laureate to see if there was anything to this story as if those two entities will say of course there is, this is what happened. In terms of flow of money…

ASMAN: Very quickly, peter we’re running out of time.

SCHWEIZER: …The Washington Post confirms all the flow of money.

ASMAN: Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash,” a book you might want to up and read. Peter great to see you again. Thank you very much for being here. Appreciate it.

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