Judge Jeanine: Obama Stokes Flames of Division ‘Every Chance He Gets’

On Saturday’s “Justice” on Fox News Channel, host Judge Jeanine Pirro accused President Barack Obama of stoking the flames of racial division among Americans at every opportunity.

“Americans got over the racial divide when we elected a black president, not only once, but twice,” Judge Jeanine stated. “Americans overwhelmingly voted for the man, blind to his color. His color made no difference to American voters, long past the issue of race, voters long past the Civil War, long past the Civil Rights era, focused more on the content of the character than the color of the skin. But this week’s shooting of 12 police officers and two civilians in Dallas is a reflection of a new deep division created by that very man. The shooting in Dallas was not just about racism. Make no mistake, that dirtbag shooter, who will remain nameless in this open, was a racist. An African-American, he only wanted to kill only white people, especially white officers.”

She continued, “Every chance he gets, he stokes the flames.” Pirro then cited the cases of Trayvon Martin, Ferguson’s Michael Brown, Baltimore, and the murder of two police officers in New York.

Judge Jeanine further criticized President Obama for referencing the Charleston church shooting while speaking about the Dallas shooting, adding, “Mr. President, you have done nothing but tell us we deserve it. You have done nothing but look back in the rearview mirror.”

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