Judge Jeanine to Jim Comey on Clinton Email Scandal: ‘You’re Running With Dogs,’ Now Expect to Get Fleas

During her opening statement Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Judge Jeanine Pirro discussed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lying about what FBI Director Jim Comey said about her emails scandal.

Pirro said if the FBI was aware Clinton sent classified information on her private server, but did not ask then that means they “intentionally” did not want to charge her.

“If the FBI already knew she had sent classified information on her private server, and they did not ask her if she did, that means that they intentionally did not want to charge Hillary Clinton,” Pirro suggested.

She continued, “Jim Comey’s hand are now tied. He cannot do the dance anymore about how there was no intent or that he is not sure what negligence means or that it was only recklessness, or that the statute isn’t clear or that no reasonable prosecutor wouldn’t go forward. Comey, the prosecutor who wasn’t in that room in the interview, who didn’t use the opportunity to size up a perspective defendant, who didn’t use the opportunity to analyze her truthfulness and her body language, the man who didn’t even speak to every one of the FBI agents in that room, who quickly made a determination that she did not have the intent which was not an element of the crime in the first place is now caught between a rock and a hard place. Jim Comey, for all his truth saying, has an obligation to his oath and the Constitution. He has an obligation to recognize what this woman has said, not once, not twice, but at least 10 times, and what he has said, under oath. Jim, you’re running with dogs, and you know better than I that when you lie with dogs, expect to get fleas.”

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