Charges Dropped for Man Who Killed Wife’s Would-Be Rapist

In May, Mamadou Diallo was charged with manslaughter after he brutally attacked the man who attempted to rape his wife.

Diallo was alerted by his wife and eventually entered his apartment as Earl Nash attempted to rape Diallo’s wife.

The 61-year-old New York man then repeatedly punched Nash, who was later found by police to have suffered severe body and head trauma after the beatdown by Diallo. Nash eventually died from his injuries.

On Wednesday, charges were dropped, says WGNTV.

Representatives of the Nash family offered a statement in support of dropping charges against Diallo.

“We truly believe that both the Nash and the Diallo family have suffered a great deal of pain. … While we cannot undo the damage that was done that evening, we hope to bring some closure not only to our family but to the Diallo family as well,” part of the statement read.

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