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Mother of Murdered Bronx Teen: Mayor De Blasio Never Reached Out

The mother of a 15-year-old boy brutally murdered in the street said neither New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio or Police Commissioner James O’Neill had reached out to the family with a phone call in the days following the murder.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced plans to divest the city's pension fund of fossil fuel investments

Man Arrested in Ex-NFL Player’s Death; Sheriff Defends Probe

HARVEY, La. (AP) — The Louisiana man who fatally shot ex-NFL player Joe McKnight during a road rage dispute was jailed on a manslaughter charge as a sheriff angrily defended the investigation Tuesday, saying authorities “strategically” waited for days to make the arrest because they needed to find independent witnesses.

The Associated Press

Charges Dropped for Man Who Killed Wife’s Would-Be Rapist

In May, Mamadou Diallo was charged with manslaughter after he brutally attacked the man who attempted to rape his wife. Diallo was alerted by his wife and eventually entered his apartment as Earl Nash attempted to rape Diallo’s wife. The 61-year-old

Mamadou Diallo

Teen Claims to Have Killed Friend in Game of Russian Roulette

A Texas teenager has died from what police say was a game of Russian roulette. Vikram Virk told authorities that he shot 18-year-old Jaskaran Singh in the head. The man said they were taking turns pointing the gun at each other and pulling the trigger. He told peace officers they were friends.

1 virk mugshot

Govt Pays $2.5M, Congresswoman Capps Claims No Fault in Death of CA Woman

Parents Matt and Raeona Dies cannot bring their young daughter back to life, but have pushed to hold accountable those responsible in the DUI crash that killed her. A quiet early November settlement granted the couple $2.5 million from the United States Government, a co-defendant in the lawsuit seeking damages and asserting the Congressional aide behind the wheel that night became intoxicated on government time. Reports have indicated a possible cover-up from Congresswoman Capps’ office.