Marc Lamont Hill: ‘Hillary Clinton Had Some Soft Moments of Birtherism,’ But Trump Pushed It ‘For Years’ and Hasn’t Apologized

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour,” CNN Commentator and Morehouse College Professor Marc Lamont Hill stated that “Hillary Clinton had some soft moments of birtherism,” while GOP presidential Donald Trump pushed the birther agenda for years and has never taken “full responsibility for his contribution to the dialogue.”

Hill reacted to Trump’s presser by stating, “This was absolutely repugnant. First of all, Donald Trump has never given a speech this short before, on any issue. He talks for hours sometimes when it’s supposed to be five minutes. he gave essentially a 30 second, perhaps, message that President Obama was born in America, period. And even then he didn’t take full responsibility for his contribution to the dialogue. I don’t disagree with him that Hillary Clinton had some soft moments of birtherism, sending out the Kenya picture, doing other things, in 2008, but Hillary Clinton has unequivocally said that Barack Obama was born here. Donald Trump pushed an agenda for years.”

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