Levin: Anti-Semitism Charges Against Bannon ‘Absolutely Outrageous’

Monday, on his radio show, Mark Levin argued that allegations of anti-Semitism against newly-appointed White House Chief Strategist & Senior Counselor Stephen K. Bannon are “absolutely ridiculous.”

Levin said that while he “strong disagreements” with Bannon’s support of the “nationalist/populist movement,” charges of anti-Semitism against “absolutely outrageous.” Levin continued, “He’s in partnership over there at Breitbart, the guy he has a partnership with, he’s a Jew. He’s been all Trump, pretty much, even though they pretended for Cruz, but he’s been all Trump, and Trump’s son-in-law’s an Orthodox Jew. Ivanka Trump converted to Orthodox Judaism.” Levin added that Bannon had always been pro-Israel as long as he’s known him.

He continued, “Now, it is true that this alt-right crowd, which I find repulsive, repulsive, has white supremacist leanings and white supremacists in it. I am unaware that Bannon and the rest are part of that movement. It’s not the same thing as the populist movement.”

Levin added that he does see evidence of anti-Semitism from President Obama in his treatment of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Levin also pointed to the establishment of Breitbart Jerusalem, which is headed by Aaron Klein, during Bannon’s tenure at the site.

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