O’Malley: Trump Has a ‘Fascist Campaign’ With a ‘White, Militarist Nationalism’ As Its ‘Hallmark’

During an interview on Thursday’s edition of Fox News Radio’s “Alan Colmes Show,” former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D) “a white, militarist nationalism” is the “hallmark” of President-Elect Donald Trump’s “fascist” campaign.

O’Malley said [relevant remarks begin around 6:30] that Trump is a “half-elected president.” He added, “Look, I do not believe that the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan is totally dead. It has been hijacked by the fascist campaign of Donald Trump. But, it still is within our power to stop that fascist campaign, whatever its Electoral Vote success, from actually creating a repressive regime, or one that undermines the security of the United States.”

O’Malley added, “Number one, the fascist appeals, the first goal, is to make the majority feel that their greatness is being stolen or robbed, or taken from them by a religious or ethnic minority. Secondly, the appeal to an ethnic, in our case, a white, militarist nationalism, which is also the hallmark of this Trump campaign. You look at the numbers now in his administration of white generals, who are being put into positions that in the past, we had kept kind of a healthy separation and thought were best headed by civilians and people not directly out of — not directly in military service. Thirdly, the appeal to one’s supporters to resort to violence against one’s opponents.”

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