Dem Sen Manchin: Trump Cabinets Picks Have ‘Run Things’ and ‘Done Things’

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-VA) said President-elect Donald Trump is picking people for his cabinet “that basically have run things” and that have “done things.”

When asked about the former Governor of Texas Rick Perry being picked as President-elect Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary, Manchin said, “Well, I think Rick’s going to be fine. Rick — first of all, President-elect Trump has put people around him, whether you agree or disagree, that basically have run things, they’ve done things. They’re just not picked out of thin air. Rick was the governor of one of the largest states in our country for ten years. So he understands. He can pick people. I have confidence Rick will do a good job, and I’m going to work to, hopefully, help him.”

“I’m all for an all-in energy policy, but I think he needs to be pragmatic that we’re going to use fossil for some time,” he continued. “The rest of the world is going to use more fossil than ever. Don’t you think that it makes sense to invest in a technology that would be able for us to use it cleaner and better, being able to take the CO2 but do it in a responsible manner, a cost effective manner and then be able to have this technology used around the world? It didn’t make any sense just thinking that we were going to switch to a carbonless energy policy and the rest of the world would follow, and we’ve done irreparable harm to our economy. But having a balance moving forward with all of the renewables as far as the wind and solar, hydro, biomass, but you’re going to have to have coal and nuclear.”

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