Revolutionary Communist Party Spox Dix: Trump ‘Has the Agenda of Hitler’

Revolutionary Communist Party spokesperson Carl Dix appeared Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice” with Judge Jeanine, and likened President-elect Donald Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

According to Dix, Trump campaigned as a fascist and “has assembled a team to carry out that fascist agenda.”

Partial transcript as follows:

DIX: I don’t like the guy, but what I don’t like is the agenda that he campaigned on.

JUDGE JEANINE: Yeah, but he won.

DIX: That’s what millions and millions of people don’t like and they are right not to like it. We have seen this before. Hitler came to power through legitimate means. And humanity would have been much better off if people in Germany had acted to stop him.

JUDGE JEANINE: OK, you’re not saying he is Hitler, are you?

DIX: Right, he’s different than Hitler. He doesn’t have that little black mustache, he’s got that orange squirrel on his head, but he has the agenda of a Hitler. That’s what he represents.

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