Le Batard Reveals, Defies ‘Unbelievably Weak’ ESPN Memo Instructing Employees How to Talk About Immigration Ban

During Monday’s “The Dan Le Batard Show” on ESPN Radio, host Dan Le Batard slammed his employer for sending out a memo telling employees how to discuss the temporary immigration ban from several countries by President Donald Trump.

Le Batard refused to read the memo and then went on a rant because the company wants employees to discuss the ban through Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr’s comments so that employees refrain from alienating parts of its audience, which the host called “unbelievably weak.”

“This feels like the weakest possible way that ESPN can enter this discussion, using Steve Kerr as a meat shield,” Le Batard said.

“I get what ESPN is afraid of here,” he added. “They don’t want you talking about things in a way that calls the president an idiot who thinks he is smart — and that’s the most dangerous kind of idiot, an idiot who doesn’t know he’s an idiot. They don’t want you doing things like that that then opens up the portal for everyone at ESPN bashing the president in a way that doesn’t discuss the facts and it’s just sort of anti-Trump and then you alienate parts of your audience — even though I don’t think what’s happening right now is Republican or Democrat.”

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