Ingraham: Flynn Leaks ‘The Stuff Police States Do’

On the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” on Tuesday, radio host Laura Ingraham said the leaks on former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn are “the stuff police states do.”

Ingraham said, “This is the stuff police states do. They work to destroy the reputations of good people using information that is classified and private against individual citizens, and it should frighten anybody. And so, the Trump administration may have made mistakes, may not have made mistakes. I’m still not sure that we know Mike Flynn definitively lied on this. he hasn’t even been able to reveal the transcripts, apparently, when the FBI interviewed him. But this is serious, and these leaks have been going on, though, Bret, for many weeks, really since Trump was elected, and I think Obama embeds, who are able to stay in the government and remain in their positions are part of this. They want to undermine Trump as much possible, and I think some of them have committed federal crimes in doing this.”

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