CNN’s Powers: ‘Sick’ Trump Is Prosecuting Parents Who Pay Smugglers to Bring Their Children to U.S.

Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” while discussing memos released today by the Department of Homeland Security on how it will implement President Donald Trump’s policies on undocumented immigrants, left-leaning political pundit Kirsten Powers called it “mass deportation” and said it was “sick” the Trump administration was prosecuting and deporting parents “who pay smugglers to bring their children from Central America.”

Powers said, “It’s mass deportation. I’m sorry…If you look at it unless people decide to not act on — if I.C.E. Decides they’re not going to act ton this, in the executive order they talk about deputizing local law enforcement officials. If all these people are suddenly going to not follow through with this, I guess it’s not mass deportation. It talks about — this is one of the criteria. Under Obama you had basically — if you were a serious criminal that posed a threat to society, then you would get deported. If you were somebody who is basically not threatening anybody, you wouldn’t. Here, one of the criteria is anyone who has committed acts that could constitute a chargeable criminal offense. Well, unlawful entry into the country is a criminal offense. Any undocumented immigrant who is basically just a functioning member of society who came here because they wanted a job and to support their family who have children here and grandparents here are targets to be deported.”

She added, “You also end up with people here not going to report any crimes. They’re not going to talk to the police. That makes everybody less safe. If you are now an undocumented immigrant and something happens to you, there is no way in the world you are going to talk to a police officer who now may be deputized to deport you. They have something in there about prosecuting and deporting parents who pay smugglers to bring their children from Central America. This is actually sick, I’m sorry. These are children that are fleeing for their lives. These are parents in horrible situations where they have decided this is the worst thing that I could — out of all my options, this is the best decision that’s better than having my child maybe being killed by a gang member — the least worst option. They’re going to literally prosecute them and deport them for trying to save their children’s lives.”

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