McCain on Likelihood of Nuclear Option: ‘It’s a Dark Day’ in Senate History

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day” that it is a “dark day in this history of the United States’ Senate” that Senate Republicans will likely have to invoke the nuclear option to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court justice.

“I think it’s a dark day in the history of the United States’ Senate,” McCain stated. “It’s going to happen, and it’s interesting that Republicans were dead seat against it when my former colleague Harry Reid invoked it with the judges, but now it seems to be okay.”

McCain then explained how Republicans invoking the nuclear option now will only come back to haunt them when Democrats hold the Senate majority.

“If you can do this with 51 votes, what do you think the next nominee is going to be like?” McCain asked. “And then what do you think is going to happen when the Democrats are in the majority in the Senate?”

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