FS1’s Sharpe: Black NFL Coaches Not Held to Same Standard as White Counterparts

Fox Sports 1’s Shannon Sharpe reacted Tuesday on “Undisputed” to Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones lashing out at a reporter for asking about his offseason arrest.

Sharpe noted how it “bothers” him black players act up for black head coaches when black head coaches are so sparse in the league, but added that black head coaches are held more accountable for their players’ actions than white head coaches.

“It bothers me that people of color act like this when they have other people of color [as] head coaches,” Sharpe stated. “You see the way he acts for [Bengals head coach] Marvin Lewis. It’s so hard for blacks to get head coaching jobs.”

“I’m not saying just because you play for a black coach, I’m not saying you should act any different but you damn sure shouldn’t act worse. And it bothers me that Marvin Lewis has to deal with this because this gets placed at his feet,” he continued.

Sharpe went on to say black head coaches get criticized for how their players act on and off the field, while some of their white counterparts do not.

“These guys, they hold black coaches so accountable for the actions of their team and some of the other white counterparts, they don’t get that same criticism when their players act up,” he concluded.

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