CNN’s Zeleny: ‘The Democratic Bench Is Very, Very Thin’ – Still Trying to Figure Out Who Is the Party’s Heart

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny stated Democrats are still trying to figure out who is the party’s beating heart, and that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is the party’s “driving force” because he’s filling a vacuum left by the fact that “the Democratic bench is very, very thin.”

Zeleny was asked, “Who is the beating heart of the Democratic Party right now?”

He responded, “It is the central question in all of politics. And Democrats are trying to figure it out, because it’s not — the answer is not what some would like. I mean, Bernie Sanders is still the driving force at the head of the party.”

He added, “Bernie Sanders is going to give the party a lot of trouble in the next couple years. He is still occupying a lot of oxygen that [Senator] Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) thought was hers, that some other Democrats thought was theirs. The reality is, the Democratic bench is very, very thin. Look at the governors, almost nonexistent, the ranks there. State senators, decimated in the Obama years. In the vacuum, Bernie Sanders, in all of his glory, is rising up and loving every minute of it.”

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