Andrea Mitchell to Price: You Have White Men Cutting Heath Care for Women


Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” guest host Andrea Mitchell told Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price that the House Republicans who voted for the American Health Care Act are “mostly all men and white men at that.”

Partial transcript as follows:

MITCHELL: Well, let’s talk about women. When we looked at the rose garden and the celebration of this on Thursday, they were all — mostly all men and white men at that. There was no diversity there. Women’s health issues arguably are going to be disproportionately affected. Obamacare includes maternity and newborn care, preventative care, mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, birth control, all of this under the essential package no longer required under this house bill.

PRICE: Andrea, come on. Look at that picture. Congresswoman Diane Black, the chair of the budget committee I was standing next to her. Seema Verma, the administrator of CMS I was standing next to her.

MITCHELL: Out of a group of dozens and dozens of people, you can cite two or three — two or three women?

PRICE: These are prominent individuals who are leading — who are leading in this area of health care. But the goal as I mentioned is to make certain every American, men, women, rich, poor, old, young, have the kind of coverage that they want for themselves and for their families. not that government forces them to buy. That’s the change.

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