Stephen A Smith: Kaepernick ‘Justified’ in ‘Anger and Disgust’ Following Philando Castile Verdict

Monday on ESPN’s “First Take,” co-host Stephen A. Smith reacted to Colin Kaepernick comparing cops to slave catchers after Minnesota police officer named Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty in the shooting death of Philando Castile.

Smith said Kaepernick is “justified” in his “anger and disgust” because black men “end up dead” when they do something while others end up being “simply arrested.”

“[T]here’s no question that Colin Kaepernick is justified with his anger and disgust, considering the fact that Philando Castile, the police officer got away with a not guilty verdict considering he shot this guy in the car when the guy wasn’t a threat. How this police officer got off is just beyond comprehension as far as I’m concerned.”

“On too many occasions we’ve seen violence exercised by a bevy of individuals in this country. Unfortunately, when there is anything suspect that goes on when it happens to be a black man, they end up dead while others end up being simply arrested.”

Smith then said Kaepernick needs to “chill” on the controversial political stances if he wants to be back in the NFL.

“I think Colin Kaepernick, one could argue, he has done his part already. He’d make even more noise if he got himself back into the National Football League because right now he would be the embodiment of someone addressing this issue without having to say much,” he said.

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