Obamacare Architect Emanuel: Senate GOP Bill ‘Kind of Like a Neutron Bomb’ – Left Structures and ‘Killed all the People’


On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Obamacare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel compared the Senate GOP healthcare bill to a neutron bomb because neutron bombs left structures in place and killed every person.

Emanuel disagreed with assessments that the Senate bill is still Obamacare, stating, “I think it’s kind of like a neutron bomb. You remember it left the structures in place and killed all the people. I think that’s one way of thinking about this bill. It gets rid of the 22 million people who have coverage, while leaving a lot of the structures of the Affordable Care Act in place. That’s not compassion. A lot of the House people voted for the House bill on the premise that the Senate would fix the bill. The Senate did anything but fix the bill. It did not make it more compassionate.”

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