FS1’s Sharpe Calls Browns’ Hue Jackson a ‘Clown’ for Denouncing Anthem Protests

“Undisputed” co-host Shannon Sharpe ripped into Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson Tuesday for saying he hopes none of his players protest the national anthem at their games this season.

Sharpe said if he was at the barber shop, he could tell Jackson what he actually thinks about him for not trying to help the problem. He instead opted to call Jackson a “clown” for respecting the national anthem.

“Does Hue Jackson think because he coaches in the National Football League that he’s insulated from what’s going on in the world?” Sharpe asked. “I get it, Hue, you don’t want to try to help fix the problem, but why are you trying to deter your players from at least handing me a wrench so I can help fix the problem? Boy! I wish I was in the barber shop. I wish I was behind closed doors so I could tell Hue Jackson actually really what I think about him because if I were to tell it today, right now what I’m really thinking about him, and he knows what I’m thinking. Everybody knows what I’m thinking and what I really want to call him.”

He added, “Being a coach in the NFL doesn’t insulate you from what’s going on in the world, Skip. You know why? Because professional sports are a microcosm of society and 70 percent of the NFL is made up by who, black players, and who are they trying to call attention to? What are they trying to say? Innocent young black men and women unarmed are getting gunned down at a disproportionate rate and for Hue Jackson to say that — there are a lot of people in their offices that are clapping a golf clap. Because they got this clown up here in front of national television saying that bull jive.”

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