Lindsey Graham on Trump’s Retweets: ‘The Antidote to Terrorism Is Not Racism and Religious Bigotry’

Thursday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said President Donald Trump retweeting the videos described as anti-Muslim was not the “antidote to terrorism.”

Graham “Yeah I think it was a very unhelpful decision by the president to embrace a right-wing website in Britain that markets in Islamophobia and religious bigotry and give it credibility.”

He continued, “The one thing I’ve learned after 42 trips to the region is that the antidote to terrorism is not racism and religious bigotry. When you embrace religious bigotry, when you say that all Muslims are the same, then you’re undercutting our effort to win the war. All of our Muslim allies throughout the world have to be disappointed that President Trump chose to embrace this website. To the British prime minister, I understand your concerns.”

He added, “I think it was very inappropriate for the president of the United States to retweet these videos because they just breed hatred and contempt. The way to fight the war against radical Islam is to side with those who reject the radical elements of their own faith, not cast the entire faith with a broad brush, and I just cannot tell you how big a miscalculation this is. This is embracing people who are religious bigots.”

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