ESPN’s Kellerman: Houston Astros ‘Making a Grave Error,’ ‘On the Wrong Side of History’ for Accepting Invite to Visit the White House

Thursday on ESPN’s “First Take,” co-host Max Kellerman reacted to the Houston Astros accepting the White House’s invitation to celebrate their World Series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers, saying the team is “on the wrong side of history” because the Trump administration “must not be normalized.”

A number of New England Patriots players declined the invitation to visit President Trump after winning the Super Bowl. Golden State Warriors players and coach Steve Kerr publicly bashed the president and the invite was later rescinded.

“First Take” moderator Molly Qerim posed the question, “What does this say about the Astros accepting the invite?”

Kellerman responded, “It says they’re making a grave error and they’re on the wrong side of history. And I want to be very clear about this: This has nothing to do with where on the political spectrum you fall, left or right. Nothing. It’s not about being progressive or conservative or Democrat or Republican or winning or losing that’s not what this is about. elections. I say what I say because what has gone on in this administration is abnormal and must not be normalized.”

“To do anything to normalize what is going on right now has nothing to do with being a Republican or a Democrat or who you’re rooting for politically,” he continued. “It has to do with equal protection under the law and constitutionality and being a patriotic American citizen. You do not normalize this behavior with White House visits. Period.”

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