Podesta: ‘Course of Conduct That They Just Don’t Care That Much About Security’ in the White House

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” former Clinton Chief of Staff and former Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta called for White House Counsel Don McGahn to resign and said there is “a course of conduct” in the White House “that they just don’t care that much about security there.”

Podesta stated, “I thought McGahn should lose his job after Sally Yates went to him and said, ‘The national security adviser at the beginning of the administration has been compromised by the Russians,’ and he did nothing with that information. In fact, he challenged why the Justice Department even cared whether General Flynn had been compromised by the Russians. But I think it’s a course of conduct that they just don’t care that much about security there, and McGahn has the role of enforcing the norms in the White House. And I think — you know, I thought he should have resigned back then. I think he should probably resign right now.”

Podesta declined to say that Chief of Staff John Kelly should resign, but said, “I think he’s on very, very thin ice.”

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