Mitch Landrieu on Possible Presidential Run: ‘You Never Say Never In Politics’

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) said that you ”never say never in politics” when asked if he was interested in running for president.

Partial transcript as follows: 

CAMEROTA: I know you probably don’t like the 2020 presidential question, and I think you said you are not there yet. But generally speaking are you interested in say someday in running for president?

LANDRIEU: Well, you never say never in politics obviously, but it’s not something I’m intending to do, it’s not something that I am planning to do. I obviously feel good about the possibility that people think that you could do that one day. Anybody in the world would be honored by the thought. But it’s not something I’m planning on at the moment.

CAMEROTA: If the climate were right, do you think that you could run for president? And I ask that because I know you have said — I think you’ve said that you think you’re too moderate to run for president?

LANDRIEU: Well, actually I do right now given the scope of what politics is in Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee. It has less to do with the climate than it is to do whether or not it is actually something I think I’m supposed or I would be prepared to do. It is way too early for anybody to really seriously think about. I don’t know where the country is going to be in a couple years. As you know everyday it changes dramatically. Heads are spinning. There is an incredible amount of chaos. It is too early to think about it. Of course you have to step back and think about the entire possibility of it happening. But I don’t really see it happening but who the heck knows.

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