GOP Rep Zeldin: People ‘Actively Trying to Obstruct’ Pompeo ‘Almost Like They’re Taking North Korea’s Side’

On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) commented on people rooting against President Trump on North Korea and “actively trying to obstruct Mike Pompeo getting confirmed” by stating, “it’s almost like they’re taking North Korea’s side.”

Zeldin said, “There is no good reason not to confirm Mike Pompeo.”

He added, “I was looking at some of the traffic on Twitter a little bit earlier today. … You know what’s frustrating, is seeing people — it’s okay to, if you want to oppose the — you don’t want to vote for the president last time, you maybe won’t vote for him next time, but to actually root against President Trump with this [North Korea], to be actively trying to obstruct Mike Pompeo getting confirmed, all the Democrats who are opposing him for no good reason, but — it’s almost like they’re taking North Korea’s side. You’ve seen it where sometimes they’re caught rooting against the economy going well, or rooting for Iran against the United States. it’s okay to be, you know, opposed, and to try to be constructive with it. But people are like — they’re lighting their hair on fire trying to bring this president down.”

Zeldin also discussed Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) opposition to Pompeo, stating that while Pompeo may not be who Rand would pick to be secretary of state, “Mike Pompeo is not being nominated to be Rand Paul’s secretary of state. He’s [being nominated] to be Donald Trump’s secretary of state.”

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