ESPN’s Torre: ‘We’re Watching the Ritual of the White House Visit Die in Real Time’

In reaction to President Donald Trump canceling the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl celebration at the White House, ESPN “High Noon” co-host Pablo Torre predicted the end is near for the tradition of athletes visiting the White House to celebrate their successes.

“It is also worth considering what all this means for the White House visit as a concept going forward, assuming forward still counts as a plausible direction. Athletes have been visiting the White House since the 19th century, but the tradition as we know it was really birthed by Ronald Reagan. … We only know a world where meeting the president is part and parcel of winning a ring. But it is fair to wonder, Bomani, because I think we are watching the ritual of the White House visit die in real time,” said Torre.

In 2017, a number of New England Patriots stars did not show up to the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl LI victory. The Golden State Warriors were uninvited when the players seemed reluctant to attend.

Following the 2018 Winter Olympics, big names like Lindsey Vonn, Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy all skipped out on celebrating their medals at the White House with President Trump.

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