Scarborough: Trump Using Rhetoric Out of ‘Hitler’s Playbook’ – ‘Openly Bigoted’ Against Anyone Not White and Rich

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough stated President Trump is “openly bigoted” towards anyone who isn’t white and rich and using rhetoric “straight out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook.”

Scarborough said, “[W]hen you start talking about people coming in and infesting a society, infesting a culture, that really actually is straight out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook. … How does Mike Pence, how do Karen Pence, how do any of these people continue being associated with a man who is now openly bigoted against everybody who is not white and rich?”

Scarborough later added, “His supporters have no excuse anymore. There is no excuse. He is a racist. He is blatant about his racism. He is not using a dog whistle to send out his racist messages. He is using a foghorn. And anybody that cheers for what he is saying about Mexicans being breeders, about Hispanics infecting America, about people who are not white infecting America, about — denying that he knows who David Duke is, denying that he knows that the KKK was a malignant force in American history, equating Neo-Nazis and white supremacists to democratic protesters, trying to undo democratic progress across Europe. You cannot support this man and just look at the tweets that you want to look at, Mika, and ignore all the other racist comments.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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