Matthews: Trump Trying to ‘Game the Straight Media’ by Claiming He Misspoke in Helsinki

On Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live,” MSNBC host Chris Matthews stated President Trump’s claim that he misspoke while speaking at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin is simply Trump engaging in spin and trying to “game the straight media.”

Matthews said, “Spin is a two-step process. The first thing is you do is you say that your audience wants to hear, I made a mistake. Then, oh, he’s being honest with us. And in that moment, when they’re buying it, you then tell them the lie again. You say, I meant to say would not. It’s a two-step. And I’ll tell you, the nightly news, the evening news, all the straight media tonight will cover this as an actual event, that he admitted he made a mistake, and then they will say that the mistake he admitted making was that he didn’t put the word not in. This is the way you game the straight media. … They will all give him credit for having admitted he made a mistake so that he could lie again. This is a technique, and I bet you he gets away with it. I’ll bet you everybody tonight plays that stupid thing today that he admitted this little mistake. It’s a game. It’s a technique. It’s called spin.”

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