DeSantis: ‘Easiest Way to Get a Microphone in Your Face’ Is to Bash Trump

Tuesday on Fox Business Network, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said while there were issues he disagreed with President Donald Trump on like farm subsidies, he preferred to discuss it with the president in person.

DeSantis, said, “I don’t agree with anybody on everything 100% of the time. What I’ve typically done with the president is talk to him privately rather than go cow to you. The easiest way to get a microphone in your face in Washington is to bash the president if you are a Republican for CNN, and NBC and The New York Times. I don’t think that’s constructive. There are obviously things that I have disagreed. but you do it constructively and you try to move the ball forward as best you can.”

He added, “One of them that we would probably agree with is I’m not a fan of farm subsidies. To throw billions of dollars in farm subsidies, I want to get away from doing that. So there’s just an honest disagreement. There are people in the Republican conference who we disagree with on those things. So it’s fine. But you agree with most of what’s going on. you just try to press forward as best you can.”

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