CNN’s Cuomo Says He’s ‘Not Impressed’ by Trump Campaign Finance Violation Charges

Thursday on his CNN show “Cuomo Primetime,” host Chris Cuomo admitted that he was “not impressed” by the charging documents containing President Donald Trump’s campaign finance violation charges, adding he does not see “some grave campaign finance conspiracy going on.”

“Let’s flip it a little bit and see how many people I can get angry at me in one night. I read that information, what they call the charging document, where there are no charges because there was a plea deal. I’m not impressed by these campaign finance violation charges. He pled guilty, I get it. That was his decision, but they never proved it. They’re cutting it very fine with what they say he did,” Cuomo stated.

“I don’t think we know that this was some grave campaign finance conspiracy going on,” he continued. “I think they were lying about it, I think they were being sneaky about it, but I don’t know that there’s criminal exposure for the president, especially with all the DOJ guidance about when you can when you can move on a president. They’d have to impeach him first. I don’t know that this is a high crime or misdemeanor.”

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