Gillum: Trump’s Policies ‘Extreme,’ ‘Un-American’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum said President Donald Trump’s policies were “extreme” and “un-American.”

Gillum said, “Let me say first how extremely proud I was yesterday watching Senator McCain’s funeral. The comments from his daughter Meghan from the president, all the former presidents, really was a display of who we are as a country. Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are at the far other extremes of what we want as a country and a state. I’ll tell you, I don’t believe that any of the issues I stood on in the primary are disqualifying in the general election. We are going to win the race because the people of my state are interested in having an education system their kids can get a good quality education. We are 40th out of 50 in quality. The people want access to good and affordable accessible health care. I want to see teachers paid what they are worth.”

When asked about making Florida a sanctuary state, Gillum said, “No. What I would support is the policies of this current administration have been wholly misguided and in my opinion un-American. Not one of us wants to undermine the work of ICE to do the work to stop human trafficking, sex trafficking, precluding drugs and other insidious entrances into our state. Unfortunately this border crisis the president created is of his own making. We have not had the level of border crossing into this country since 2010. this is a straw man argument meant to speak to his base. it doesn’t keep any of us safer. He turned the work of this agency into a family separation and deportation force. it is un-American and makes us.”

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