CNN’s Kirsten Powers: Trump’s Base Is in Fox News’ ‘Alternative Universe’ Where ‘Puerto Rico Never Happened’

Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead,” network political analyst Kirsten Powers took a swipe at her former employer Fox News while criticizing President Donald Trump.

She said Trump could tweet about the death toll in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria because his base lives in an “alternative universe” created by Fox News.

Powers said, “His only focus, and this has been this way since the day he took office, is on his base. That’s all he seems to care about is what his base thinks about him. He knows that his base is not watching us right now. They are watching Fox News, and over at Fox News, Puerto Rico never happened. I mean, it’s an alternative universe, so they are never going to hear about this. They get all their information from Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. That’s literally it. And so it’s an alternative reality. How that helps him electorally because there are other people that vote beyond his base, I think that’s going to end up being a problem for him.”

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