Dershowitz: Kavanaugh No Longer Teaching at Harvard over Allegations Is ‘Sexual McCarthyism’

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz criticized the “sexual McCarthyism” around Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh withdrawing from teaching at Harvard after the allegations against him.

Dershowitz said, “The question is now all about whether we allow a nominee to be discredited without hard proof, hard evidence, and whether or not this establishes as a precedent to the future where nobody is going to want to serve on the bench. I mean, the idea that he can’t teach at Harvard now because he was suspected. When I was growing up in Brooklyn College as a student, they fired professors because they were suspected of maybe being Communists when they were in their 20s. Suspicion was enough. This kind of sexual McCarthyism is a terrible, terrible precedent. Look, women being assaulted is a horrible, horrible thing. But women making up stories, the way at least one witness may well have made up a story out of whole cloth, that’s a serious matter too.”

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