Nolte: Cancel Culture Doesn’t Violate First Amendment, but Neither Did McCarthyism

How do the champions of today’s “cancel culture” defend their witch hunts to censor ideas, people, and speech through boycotts and de-platforming? Well, over the past few years, we’ve heard the same excuse a million times: Over and over, they tell us that corporations have every right to choose who they want to do business with and that only the government can violate the First Amendment.

Senator Joe McCarthy is seen here waving a transcript of a monitored call between Pvt. G. David Schine (L) and Army Secretary Stevens, during the Army-McCarthy hearings, June 7, 1954 in Washington D.C. Schine appeared to listen to the transcript as it was read into the record. On the right …

Nolte: Media Seek to Destroy Laura Ingraham Only Because She’s a Conservative Woman

The pretext being used to destroy a conservative woman, Fox News star Laura Ingraham, is that she accused a 17-year-old of “whining.” Even after apologizing to anti-gun activist David Hogg, the corporate media and the organized left, with a lot of help from gutless corporations, are still determined to dismantle Ingraham’s entire professional life — to shut a conservative woman up by removing her platform, all because she accused a teenager of “whining.”


Remembering Stan 3: The Anti-McCarthy Tripwire

Before I explain what it was like to become friends with the pre-eminent McCarthy scholar of our time, M. Stanton Evans, I’d like to point out some of the pitfalls of the territory, starting with the anti-McCarthy tripwire.

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