Watch – Candace Owens Rallies Black Conservatives in Front of White House: ‘This Is Our Time, MAGA Is for Us Too’

Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum of Turning Point USA rallied a large group of young black conservatives in front of the White House on Friday, calling for unity among the black community, stating ‘this is our time.’

The rally was subsequent to the group’s meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House.

“Black people do not have to be Democrats,” said Owens to the crowd, “In fact, the argument needs to be made that black people should not be democrats. They destroyed our communities, they’ve taken our fathers out of the home, they’ve made broken promises. It is time for a change and Donald Trump is delivering that.”

The black conservatives are gathered in Washington, DC, to attend the Young Black Leadership Summit, hosted by Charlie Kirk’s student activist organization Turning Point USA.

“Black lives have never ever, ever, mattered to the Democratic Party, black votes always have,” continued Owens, “Words like uncle Tom, house negro, house slaves — those were created by Leftists to make sure that we are constantly at war with one another. It is time for us to stand up against that and to stand together.”

“This is our time. ‘Make America Great Again’ is for us, too,” Owens stated boldly into her megaphone, as she addressed not only the black conservatives but a large group of observers as well, who had stopped to listen.

“When [President Trump] says he’s going to make America great, I don’t get scared, because I’m as American as it gets.”

“This is history, all of us sticking together,” added Tatum, “Just like Candace said, we are not bound by ideologies that have been forced upon us, we can think for ourselves  The game is up. We’re not voting for people who are not serving our communities, and serving our best interest.”

“We came from all around the country to be here because this is our country,” continued Tatum, “The 13th, the 14th, the 15th Amendment, was for us. We were slaves in this country, but we fought together as Americans, both black and white. People seem to forget that the Civil War was fought, it wasn’t just fought with just white people — black people fought — we did it together, and what you’re witnessing — is history.”

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