WATCH: Florida Woman Allegedly Hurls Concrete Rock at Police Officer

A Florida woman allegedly hurled a piece of concrete at a police officer after refusing to obey orders to drop it on the ground, according to video taken from an officer’s body camera.

The video from the Cape Coral Police Department showed the female suspect standing outside a dollar store, holding a piece of concrete in one hand and holding a cellphone in the other hand on Tuesday.

Police said they received a phone call from the suspect, Jessica Blick, 37. But authorities say she did not provide much information about the reason for her call.

Once officers arrived at the scene, they approached Blick and asked her a few questions. One officer at the scene asked her if she was the one who placed a 911 call, but she did not respond.

The officer then asked that she drop the concrete rock, but she continued to ignore the officer’s commands, police said.

When Blick noticed the second officer approach her from behind, she allegedly tossed the piece of concrete at one of the responding officers.

“F**k you, you son of a b***h,” she shouted at the officer.

The suspect also allegedly threatened to kill another one of the officers.

An officer pulled out a taser twice to subdue Blick but missed her. Police said Blick then threw the concrete at a second officer, which struck his shoulder.

The responding officers eventually arrested Blick, charging her with one count of aggravated assault and one count of battery on a law enforcement officer.


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