CNN’s Avlon Warns Dems — ‘No One Should Be an Impeachment Enthusiast’

CNN political analyst John Avlon on Tuesday cautioned Democrats against being impeachment enthusiasts in 2019 once they take over House majority.

“On the investigatory front, I think the baseline will be how early does the chair of the Ways and Means Committee release Trump’s taxes? I think that’s something that’s clearly within the power and purview. It’s something that needs to be done,” Avlon said on “New Day.”

“Why wait?” host Alisyn Camerota asked.

“I don’t know that there’s a good reason to wait,” Avlon replied. “I think you get that out early and then, you know, and no one should be an impeachment enthusiast, there are folks on the far left certainly who are. Let’s see what the Mueller report comes forward with, but I think that will be one of Nancy Pelosi’s most difficult jobs is corralling that caucus.”

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