El Paso Mayor: Trump Wrong to Say Border Fence Decreased Crime

Monday on CNN, El Paso, TX Mayor Dee Margo dismissed the claim made by President Donald Trump a border fence reduced crime in his city.

According to Margo, the fence did not play as significant a role in public safety for his city.

“Well, what he was echoing in the State of the Union, and he was certainly correct at the end of his remarks about El Paso, that we are the safest city, but the prefacing remarks were — he was echoing what had been said by our attorney general a few weeks ago in McAllen that was wrong.  If people had contacted me about our attorney general’s remarks, I would have corrected it at that time as well.

“We were, going back to 2005, one of the safest cities in the nation,” he continued. “The barrier went up, and the fence went up, and it’s only about ten miles long. And the total fencing in the El Paso sector is about 78 miles. And it’s not continuous.  Now it does — it’s part of the process for border security, but it’s not the total panacea. But the remarks that the president made in the State of the Union were — were stated originally, almost verbatim, by our attorney general some weeks ago. And that’s where the erroneous comments came from that were not correct.”

(h/t RCP Video)

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