Conway: Cohen Engaged in A Lot of ‘Revisionist History’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway stated that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony was full of “revisionist history” and the checks produced by Cohen don’t prove anything.

Conway said, “[T]he one thing I would really say to everyone is that this goes beyond, you know, reminding everybody that Michael Cohen has lied before. It’s also the things that he’s saying don’t comport with somebody who was bragging about and trying to enrich himself while Donald Trump was president based on his connection with the president and his belief in this president’s policies and actions. So, there’s a lot of, I think, revisionist history here for Mr. Cohen in his testimony today as well.”

Conway also addressed the checks that Cohen produced that Trump wrote him, stating, “I think it proves nothing, and here is why, Michael Cohen admitted today that the president never directed him to lie, never directed him, and that he quote, spoke in code, and that if you’re around the president long enough, you know what the president is asking you to do without him asking you to do it. That’s a bunch of nonsense to someone who’s been around the president every single day for three straight years now. He’s pretty direct.”

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