Rep. Tlaib: Trump Was Sending ‘Bribery’ Money From the Oval Office

Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib  (D-MI) commented on Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen giving the House Oversight Committee an alleged reimbursement check for the Stormy Daniels hush money, signed by then President Trump.

Tlaib said, “I did find, this is a man that represented and was a personal lawyer for the sitting president of the United States for ten years, but all of his criminal acts, his lies, all of it is related, interconnected to the president of the United States, the man that sits in the oval office right now. And so much of these criminal schemes continued on into the 2017 year. Not only from the money he paid back, the bribery he paid back to Mr. Cohen but also this constant just a reflection of what he is as a president. I mean, the fact he used fraudulent schemes, the fact he’s lied in the past. All the different terminologies I think Mr. Cohen presented to all of us was very much eye-opening, but at the same time a lot of us knew this was happening.”

She continued. “But I think at the moment, I remember sitting there and when he was saying that as he was leaving the Oval Office, Mr. Cohen looked back and President Trump says to him, ‘You know, you’re getting your next payment. It just takes longer because of the White House mailing system.’ At that moment, the gravity of the fact this is a sitting president of the United States, sending — you know, I don’t even call it hush money it’s bribery— to continue that scheme as he sits in the Oval Office. What else do we not know as the American people?”

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