Dem Rep. Bustos: ‘We Don’t Go Home Talking About Impeachment Every Weekend’

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairwoman Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) cautioned viewers about the urge to seek the impeachment of President Donald Trump, echoing a similar sentiment expressed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Bustos argued there were other priorities underway in the House of Representatives and that the investigations into Trump, including testimony from former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen “sucked up every bit of air” in the Capitol.

The Illinois Democrat also explained that some members who represent districts that Trump won in 2016 aren’t eager to go back to their districts and discuss impeachment.

“I would say also a lot of them ran on just having this ability to seek the truth,” she said. “I am one of 31 Democrats that comes from a district that Donald Trump won. I can tell you, we don’t go home talking about impeachment every weekend. And not only that, we don’t hear from people that we represent talking about impeachment at every — at every turn. They’re talking about how we can play a role in helping their families have better lives. How, you know, their kids aren’t faced with this tremendous student loan debt that we’ll be talking about here in Congress later today. You know, they just want to make sure that their families have an opportunity to succeed. This is not something that they obsess about every day back in districts like the one I represent.”

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