Pirro on Claims of a Constitutional Crisis over Not Releasing Full Mueller Report: ‘Are They All Stupid?’

On Saturday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro slammed Democrats and the media for proclaiming a “constitutional crisis” given the Trump administration was willing to succumb to the demands of congressional Democrats regarding the Mueller investigation.

During her “Opening Statement” monologue, Pirro asked if critics were “all stupid” and noted that Congress wasn’t entitled to the report at all.

“Constitutional crisis — how? Because they can’t get the full Mueller report?” she asked. “Are they all stupid? They’ve got 98% of the full report. And I’ve got news for you bozos — you weren’t even entitled to any of it. The report was written for the attorney general by the special counsel. The attorney general decided to release a four-page conclusion and offered skeptical Democrats a SCIF, a secure facility, to see the whole report. Not one Democrat wanted to see it. So Attorney General Barr was in the impossible position of violating federal law and releasing 6E grand jury testimony or acquiescing to the demands of the radical looney left.”

Later in the segment, Pirro urged viewers to pressure Congress for the tack it has taken over the Mueller report and also told them to realize the significance of the upcoming 2020 elections.

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