Susan Rice: Trump Admitted He Is ‘Not Playing on America’s Team’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” former Obama administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice criticized President Donald Trump for saying he would accept dirt on political opponents from foreign governments.

Rice said, “This is extremely serious. The stark reality, the sad truth is that we have a president in the United States whose not playing on America’s team. He is invited yet again foreign interference in our presidential elections. He said that and finally admitted, in fact, that he sees nothing wrong with collusion, which is in fact what happens when you accept information from a foreign entity. And he said he would do it again. He sees no problem with a president of the United States being beholden to a foreign power, even a foreign hostile power as inevitably one would be if you accepted information and support from a foreign government. They have their claws into you, and they can manipulate you.”

She continued, “He sides with adversaries against our law enforcement. He continues to denigrate the FBI and the intelligence community. Just a couple days ago he said he said he would privilege Kim Jong-un’s interests over that of the United States in our intelligence community. It’s an extraordinary thing. The real question is if he’s not playing on America’s team then whose interest is he serving? Is it just his own somebody else’s?”

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