Joy Behar: ‘Trump Party’ Is in a ‘White Panic’ — Concerned ‘White People Are Going to Disappear or Something’

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar declared the “Trump Party” was in a “white panic” over fears white people will disappear.

Behar said, “The Trump Party seems to be in what they call like a white panic — that the demographics are changing rapidly that white people are going to disappear or something. They’re in this panic state I think. Do you think that the Republican Party will disappear and become extinct like the Whig Party eventually? There are concerns. Are you in agreement with that?”

Guest George Will said, “Back in the day when we used to worry about nuclear weapons, the experts said that cockroaches could survive nuclear war because they’re such simpler mechanisms. Our political parties are like cockroaches. They are simple, and they will adapt. They don’t disappear.”

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