CNN’s David Gregory: Biden Looks ‘Out of Touch,’ ‘Older’

Monday on CNN, network contributor David Gregory questioned former Vice President Joe Biden’s performance on the campaign trail as of late.

When asked, Gregory gave Biden low marks and said he looked “out of touch” and “older.”

“I don’t think particularly well,” Gregory replied. “I don’t think his first foray into the debate, or his readiness to run is on display here. I think he hid out for a long time, trying to cruise in this front-runner strategy, which has never been a role that he’s been in. No, I don’t think he looks really good right now. I don’t think this is a huge issue. Because it’s not like these are revelations that’s showing you who he is when you thought he was somebody else. I think people know who Biden is. He’s got a long career of public service as a politician and public servant. So, I think his record on civil rights will stand up just fine.”

“But I think as Bianna [Golodryga] said: He looks out of touch. He looks older. He looks out of step with the times,” he continued. “I don’t think there’s any good excuse for him not being ready for that first debate on these issues. Are you kidding? I mean, Kamala Harris previewed all this stuff. She had criticized him on this before. Now he says he was unprepared? That’s just really bad. And there’s a lot of good, strong, experienced people who know better who are around him. But again, I think people know who he is. And that will stand. But here’s going to be other tests down the line here.

(h/t  Newsbusters)

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