FNC’s Tucker Carlson: Dems Repeatedly Say ‘No One Is Above the Law,’ Make Exception for Illegals

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson noted the contradiction that exists with a catchphrase Democrats use when talking about President Donald Trump, which is saying “no one is above the law.”

“Maybe you’ve noticed this from watching TV in the past couple of years: When it’s about tax returns or executive orders or, of course, Russia, the left strikes and law and order pose,” Carlson said. “Nobody, they’ll remind you, finger-wagging in your face, is above the law in this country. Nobody. Not even drumroll, please — the president of the United States.

The contradiction, according to Carlson, is that Democrats act as if illegal immigrants are above the law and that the future of the Democratic Party depends on those illegal immigrants acting above the law.

“It is one of their favorite talking points,” he continued. “Its highly effective because it is absolutely true. In America, nobody is above the law. That is the promise of this country. It is the best thing about it. It is why this isn’t the third world. If only Democrats believed their own bumper stickers, we would be far better off. But in this case, they don’t. Nobody is above the law? Please, spare us. The Democratic Party’s entire electoral future depends upon making certain millions upon millions of people are above the law. In real life, our laws are unambiguous. Nobody is allowed to move to this country without our permission. People who come here illegally must be sent home. That is what the law says. The modern Democratic Party is built around ignoring and subverting that law.”

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