Ron Reagan: ‘Sociopath’ Trump ‘Does Not Belong in This Office’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Ron Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, called President Donald Trump a “sociopath” who did not “belong in this office.”

Reagan said, “Look, the economy may be heading into a recession. That puts pressure on a president. Well, you know what Truman said about heat and kitchens. The presidency is full of pressure. If this is enough to push him over the edge, really, let me state the obvious, he does not belong in this office.”

He continued, “This is completely crazy, of course, buying Greenland like it’s chunk of Manhattan real estate or something you can pick up for a song. But this, you know, every time I come on the show when I get back from Europe, we have a discussion about how crazy Donald Trump has been while I have been gone. I think it’s about time we acknowledge he’s been crazy because he is crazy. And it’s just going to keep going.”

He added,”People are going to get exhausted by him. And this is, you know, a sociopath like Trump, this is one of their secret weapons. They’re crazy 24/7. They’re working it all the time because it’s who they are but for everybody else who just wants to have a life and kind of live, go to dinner and enjoy themselves, it becomes just incredibly exhausting to keep up with this 24/7.”

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