CNN’s Stelter: Trump Is ‘Celebrating His Own Ignorance’ on Hurricane Dorian Claims

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” anchor Brian Stelter said President Donald Trump is “celebrating his own ignorance” by tweeting about the controversy over Hurricane Dorian’s impact.

Stelter said, “To understand why the president is posting cat videos, actually celebrating his own ignorance about Alabama and Hurricane Dorian, we have to go back to the beginning of the week when the president gave away a key line from his re-election playbook. He said here, our real opponent is not the Democrats, it’s the fake news media. Everything comes back to that. We’re going to be talking about this every week until the 2020 election. And it is exhausting. It’s exhausting the way Trump smears the press day in and day out. But it’s obvious why he does it. It is key to his re-election campaign. The less you believe real reporting, the more you might fall for his unreality. So that when he says 2 plus 2 is 5, you’ll believe him. Now, 2 plus 2 is 5, that is, of course, a reference to George Orwell’s “1984.” It’s a book that came to mind this week as Trump tried to convince people that his faulty Dorian forecast was right.”

He added, “The words we use, the framing we choose treats the absurd and the aberrant like it’s reasonable like it’s normal. Take the term Sharpiegate. It’s a funny term, I admit, but it indicates that Trump getting the facts wrong in an emergency is just a joke … But this was not a joke to the folks in Alabama who saw Trump’s tweet that said Alabama will much likely be hit much harder than anticipated.”

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