John Heilemann: Trump’s Approach to Foreign Policy ‘Truly Infantile’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network political analyst John Heilemann called President Donald Trump’s foreign policy “infantile” while discussing Trump’s canceled meeting with Taliban leaders at Camp David.

When asked why he thinks Trump revealed the meeting with a tweet, Heilemann said, “What he wants is credit. He wants credit for trying. I’m not saying he deserves credit. I am saying there is some impulse that he has where he thinks that trying to do something—like that because he believes he is the only one who can do it, somehow the notion that he was going to get them over there—that he was going to do this.”

“He didn’t get a deal done, we didn’t even have a meeting, but having even tried to do something no one else has done before,” he continued. “That’s all that matters in his mind is, ‘Has anyone done it before? If they haven’t done it before, I am going to try to do it, and ideally, I will do it. But if I don’t do it, I will take credit  for trying to do something no one else has done before.’ It’s the most infantile, truly infantile, like infantile approach to foreign policy of anybody we have ever covered or seen in our lifetime.”

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