Giuliani: Trump Has ‘Every Right’ to Ask Other Countries to Help Him Investigate Biden

On this weekend’s broadcast of Fox News’s “Media Buzz,” President Donald Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Trump had “every right” to ask other countries to help him investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Giuliani said, “The fact is the President of the United States has every right to ask countries to help us in a criminal investigation that should be undertaken.”

Host Howard Kurtz said, “That happens to involve a political opponent?”

Giuliani replied, “Well, I can’t help that. Suppose a political opponent committed murder, what are we going to do? He’s a political opponent, so you’re not going to investigate him? The fact is this is not a political opponent. It didn’t start that way… The reality is this Biden stuff, I’ve known it for six months, I started this investigation long before he was a candidate. I started it in November of 2018, solely for one single purpose, because I’m his defense lawyer and it exonerates him. It shows there was a lot more collusion in Ukraine than in Russia and that Joe Biden materially assisted in getting some of that covered up, and also, by the way, got his son out and got a five billion dollar crooked oligarch free who is now running around Ukraine thanking Joe Biden.”

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